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Metanet DL's SOLME ModernWork is a third-generation ECM solution that optimizes information assets via meticulous document centralization, a collaborative environment, unwavering security, and steadfast archiving. This solution is pivotal for enterprises aiming to amplify their competitive standing via methodical information asset management.

Value SOLME Provides to Customers

Main Services

SOLME Modern Work Structure

SOLME Product Composition

The SOLME Modern Work, incorporating the Best of Breed product strategy, consists of SOLME Enterprise, SOLME Modern Work, SOLME Aegis4, and SOLME Backup & Archiving solutions. Customers can utilize Microsoft 365 through their existing licenses or purchase new ones.

Companies that Need SOLME

  • 01Companies aspiring to cultivate a modern workplace that enables efficient operations anytime, anywhere
  • 02Companies seeking a secure hub for information assets, combined with fluid collaboration and sharing across the team
  • 03Companies necessitating stringent oversight of blueprints, design documents, and project files
  • 04Companies in search of comprehensive solutions to staunchly prevent technical and confidential data breaches and ransomware threats

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