Service Desk Solution

MetaDesk streamlines the Service Desk experience, allowing users to effortlessly log tickets (service requests or incidents) from any portal, sidestepping the intricacies often found in conventional ITSM solutions. This is especially beneficial for maintenance entities overseeing myriad solutions, as they can rapidly respond to and rectify diverse client inquiries via a singular platform. Within this collaborative space, all service inquiries are meticulously monitored and managed. For DevOps teams, it ensures vital development tasks take precedence, curtailing superfluous efforts.

Value MetaDesk Offers to Customers

  • Offers customer convenience on both Web & Mobile, and supports users in independently resolving issues through FAQs
  • Provides customized settings for each customer, including Workflow, Dashboard, and email notifications
  • Collaborative features such as SLA-based due date management, task priority, task history management, and dashboard monitoring enhance team productivity
  • Complies with security regulations and guidelines, including KISA-based source code vulnerability analysis and the application of personal data protection encryption algorithms
  • Through integration with MetaCICD, it enables the tracking and management of the entire application lifecycle, from service request to delivery

Main Services

Companies That Need MetaDesk

  • 01Companies aiming for a swift SaaS solution setup and utilization
  • 02Companies favoring the prompt establishment of core features over the dense functionalities typical of ITSM
  • 03Companies juggling diverse systems yet aspiring to manage maintenance clientele from a unified platform
  • 04Companies set on navigating the continuum from the inception of a service request to its conclusive delivery

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