Shipbuilding and Marine ERP Solution

MetaMarine is a specialized shipbuilding and marine ERP solution developed by shipbuilding and marine industry experts and system engineers, leveraging over 30 years of system development and operational experience in global top-tier shipyards.

Value MetaMarine Offers to Customers

  • 1. Specialized Solution for the Shipbuilding and Marine Industry
    Offers a cohesive system where design, production, and material information are integrated, providing consistent data despite frequent design changes.
    Establishes specific code structures such as Design BOM (Bill of Materials) and POR (Purchase Order Request).
    Supports linkage to shipyard-provided information for material suppliers.
  • 2. Customized Services Optimized for Small to Medium-Sized Shipyards or Material Production Management
    Accelerates business improvements and early stabilization through embedded advanced processes, from order receipt to delivery.
    Provides customized, optimized ERP services that reflect diverse production management requirements.
  • 3. Enhancing Customer Competitiveness through Rich Experience and Proven Solutions
    Delivers services based on extensive experience applying and operating ERP systems for numerous shipbuilding and marine material manufacturers.
    Contributes to value creation and competitiveness enhancement by applying and maintaining a proven ERP system.

Key Features (Services)

Companies That Need MetaMarine

  • 01Small to medium-sized shipyards seeking to manage production operations professionally.
  • 02Marine and shipbuilding material companies desiring to rebuild their ERP systems because mass-production ERP solutions do not fit their order-based operations.
  • 03Material suppliers who want a quick start using a monthly subscription model find it challenging to build their systems.

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