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RiskCraft™ Suite

RiskCraft™ Suite

Comprehensive Risk Management Solution for Financial Institutions

RiskCraft is a comprehensive solution designed for managing risks within financial institutions. By implementing RiskCraft, organizations can build a system infrastructure to identify, measure, and control all exposed risks.

Since its launch in 2001, RiskCraft has become the risk management solution for over 50 financial institutions, including banks, investment firms, insurance companies, and pension funds.

Value RiskCraft Offers to Customers

  • Integrated Total Solution: Combines standardized methods with internal models
  • Valuation Functions: Includes valuation functions for a wide range of both exchange-traded and OTC derivatives, as well as structured products
  • Pre-emptive Risk Management: Provides What-If scenario stress testing for proactive risk management
  • Efficient Portfolio Management: Calculates risk contributions for optimized portfolio management
  • Flexible Reporting: Offers user-customizable reporting capabilities

Main Services

  • Market Risk Solution RiskCraft.MARKET

    Offers a state-of-the-art approach to measuring market risks, backed by exceptional computational performance and high user convenience.

    Key Features: Sensitivity, Value at Risk, Expected Shortfall, Back Testing, Stress Testing

  • Credit Risk Solution RiskCraft.CREDIT

    RiskCraft™.CREDIT is a mark-to-market Credit VaR calculation system with innovative quick and reliable credit risk measurement methodologies.

    Key Features: Expected Loss, Basel Standard Approach, Internal Ratings-Based Approach, MtM Credit VaR, Stress Testing

  • Operational Risk Solution RiskCraft.OP

    RiskCraft™.OP is an all-encompassing operational risk management solution that includes RCSA, KRI, loss data management, and OP VaR measurement capabilities.

    Key Features: RCSA, KRI, Loss Data Management, Operational Risk Measurement

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