DevOps Tools Service Solution

MetaCICD is the solution for Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery & Deployment in Cloud Native Applications, guaranteeing consistent and regular product rollouts. Harnessing tailored CI/CD pipelines and a cohesive portal rooted in RBAC, MetaCICD streamlines the deployment of intricate and forward-thinking DevOps tools in environments equipped with varied resources like BM/VM/Container, expediting the process. This efficiency reduces the operational burden and ensures a steady delivery of valuable offerings to our clientele.

Value MetaCICD Offers to Customers

  • Manages DevOps Tools from a single portal, enhancing work speed and convenience
  • Provides pipeline templates to deliver services across various resources, making it a solution that responds to customer business growth and changes
  • Adheres to security regulations and guidelines to protect systems and platforms (based on KISA for source code vulnerability analysis and the application of personal information protection encryption algorithms)
  • Manages the delivery schedules of applications according to work procedures through integration with MetaDesk, allowing the completion of a DevOps organizational culture

Main Services

Companies That Need MetaCICD

  • 01Companies that require automation due to experiencing high error rates due to manual operations in traditional build and deployment methods
  • 02Companies facing challenges in selecting appropriate DevOps Tools
  • 03Companies already using DevOps Tools but seeking cohesive management
  • 04Companies looking to embed DevOps CI/CD practices into their corporate culture
  • 05Companies focused on overseeing the journey from initial service request to final delivery

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