How we work with clients Appl. Modernization

Transforming the core applications from Mono to Micro(M2M)

We check the current IT modernization status of companies and design a strategic modernization roadmap to offer technological elements, approach, and resources as needed.

    Key Services

  • Agile Transformation : As a pilot project for application modernization, we support MVP development according to agile methodology for unit applications. Through this, we enhance business efficiency of cloud native applications.
  • Architecture Transformation : We design architecture to convert legacy applications into a cloud native environment. Instead of simply moving to cloud, we design architecture that can maximize efficiency of application development, deployment, and operation by making the best use of the benefits of using platforms.
  • Application Build : We develop applications that accelerate innovation, speed, and agility to materialize the business value according to agile methodologies.
  • DevOps : We need organic connection and integration of development and operation to prevent accumulation of technical debt of applications subject to frequent revisions and changes in line with the business environment. We support establishment of processes and environment to that end.
  • Data & AI Platform Transformation : We support business intelligence applications to help companies make decisions based on data using big data analysis and AI, and build data and AI platforms based on an universal architecture.

    How we work

  • We provide application building services that can advance corporate digital capabilities based on our vast experience in large-scale application modernization projects.
  • We boast extraordinary competitiveness built around our Application Build Center comprised of experts in different fields.

How we work with clients Migrate & Transform

Providing the best-in-class services for Cloud migration

We analyze customer’s business environment and characteristics and set priorities that best suit the business strategy to minimize downtime and embark on the cloud migration process, the prerequisite for DT in a stable, but speedy manner.

Key Services

Architect & Deploy : We develop an execution plan for assessment of the existing system, selecting the data subject to migration and pivot to cloud. Then we conduct tests for a fixed period in the to-be environment.

Migration Services

  • Data Center
  • Database
  • Back-up & DR
  • Migration Services
  • SAP on Cloud

    How we work

  • Metanet proposes the best method that spurs business growth, from strategic migration consulting, infrastructure, application, to data use and operation.
  • We have numerous customer success stories in diverse industries including establishment a large-scale, company-wide system cloud, finance, manufacture, and distribution.

How we work with clients Source & Configure

Transforming ‘the ways of working’ to cloud native

Capitalizing on our consulting capabilities for business and management, we design work processes optimized to cloud environment, while offering a series of services to discover and develop the optimum solutions.

    Key Services

  • ERP on Cloud : We convert various existing ERP solutions such as SAP and Oracle into cloud native ERP solutions that can be deployed in cloud.
  • Customer Experience on Cloud : We discover and realize the optimum CS SaaS to design and apply new customer experience on cloud.
  • Employee Experience on Cloud : We redesign the talent management and communication processes like HRM and HRD into cloud native, while discovering and applying the optimum SaaS to that end.
  • Digital Operation on Cloud : We offer cloud-based solutions and services necessary for back-office sales and sales operations including IT/OT.

    How we work

  • We leverage the E2E serve system aimed at turning the existing business process into cloud native based on our business consulting capabilities and our massive cloud ecosystem.
  • We employ a worldwide SaaS community network of major CSPs to build collaboration models with various ISVs to deliver the optimum cloud native business applications.
  • After that, we provide DevOps service offering to enable management of lifecycle of customers’ business processes.

How we work with clients Product & Platform

Building and providing industry oriented killer applications and services

We support digital innovations in different industries and duties, including Modern Workplace, innovation in payrolls, financial risk management, and administrative systems in higher education, with our products and platforms developed using in-house technology.

    Key Services

  • SOLME ECM : A solution for document security, collaboration, and data sharing that has gained importance in the contactless era. It enhances security by centrally managing in-house documents dispersed in various locations, while making it easy to search data and collaborate with colleagues.
  • MetaPay HCM : A cloud native full service payroll solution that standardizes different payment and deduction standards used across companies into a single system. It relieves pressure on payroll duties and increases management efficiency with customizable service modules, advanced security, and compatibility with global HR solutions.
  • Metanet RiskCraft TM : A solution featuring meticulously designed derivative valuation modules and risk engines, that offer flexibility to external valuation modules.
  • MetaERP4U : An integrated solution designed for educational institutions comprised of academic administration, general administration, research administration, and supplementary administration systems used in universities and graduate schools.
  • MetaDesk : A service desk solution that lets you quickly register tickets (service requests, failures) easily and request handling of issues anywhere on the portal so you don’t have to struggle with complex existing ITSM solutions.
  • Meta Marine : An ERP solution specialized in the contracting industry developed by shipbuilding and maritime professionals and system engineers based on our experience in building and operating systems for shipbuilding and equipment companies.

    How we work

  • We refine our technologies behind our solution based on our deep understanding and experience in the industry.
  • We have integrated our system with the global ecosystems such as Microsoft, Oracle and Workday for better compatibility and usability.

How we work with clients Infra-as-a-Service

Building and serving the most effective Hybrid-Multi Cloud environment

With the broadest understanding and system expertise in the infrastructure industry, from on-premises to cloud, we provide the optimum infrastructure building service tailored to customer’s business.

Key Services

  • Public Cloud IaaS : We assess customer systems to upgrade outdated systems and help customers lower expenses for purchasing hardware, maintenance, establishment and operation of data centers.
  • Hybrid Cloud IaaS : A multi-cloud that distributes applications and data loads into public and private clouds so customers can strike balance among optimal functions, service levels, security and cost efficiency for improved business agility and innovation.
  • Cloud Security IaaS : We build and manage security systems in various cloud environments from on-premises, hybrid, public and private clouds.

    How we work

  • Metanet is the leading partner of MS Azure. We’ve also formed partnerships with NCP (Naver Cloud Platform), OCI (Oracle Cloud Infra), GCP (Google Cloud Platform), SCP (Samsung Cloud Platform), offering cloud infrastructure that best fit each company.
  • Metanet is the only MSP in Korea that has both technical expertise and references for successful implementation of hybrid cloud.