How we work with clients Manage & Optimize

Providing the most sophisticated operations for all components in the Cloud architecture

We support enterprises to become smarter and enhance productivity by operating their system on cloud based on data and AI so they can optimize their business process and quickly respond to shifts in business environment and strategies.

    Key Services

  • DevOps : We develop software and offer outsourcing services using the latest technology and global practices.
  • FinOps : FinOps is a combination of finance and operation, that manages IT costs by optimizing the expenditure. It is a framework that maintains financial responsibilities, contributing to the reduction of operational costs incurred by cloud migration and investment in IT.
  • Managed Services for Public Cloud : Metanet engineers specialized in cloud provide systematic technical support based on the operation process that defines complex cloud operation of customers on ITSM.
  • Cloud Security Managed Services : We control the security status of diverse cloud environments from on-premises, hybrid, public and private clouds and prevent the spread of ransomware.

    How we work

  • We offer stable and cost-effective managed services based on technical know-how on operating ITO and cloud services in diverse industries.
  • Using the cloud management platform (CMP) developed in-house and the top global CMPs, we provide superb resource monitoring and analysis services.
  • In addition, we monitor the cloud services 24/7 from the Metanet Cloud Security Control Center.

How we work with clients Cloud Brokerage

Searching and providing the best-fit solutions from the global Cloud market

We offer a wide selection of expanded cloud services tailored to customer business models, instead of simply reselling licenses. We help our partners to deliver value-added services using Metanet’s professional services and various capabilities.

    Key Services

  • Through our extensive end-to-end support including consulting to operational support, and our alliance with leading independent solution vendors (ISV) and global vendors, we assist our partners to enhance their capabilities and use high-quality services with minimum cost.
  • Leveraging our connection and partnership with Metanet Group affiliates, we provide resellers an opportunity to start new businesses and expand the existing business.

    How we work

  • As the sole company in Korea that supports all business areas of Microsoft, we have world-class engineers and the best partner alliance that consists of companies in Korea and abroad.
  • We offer an integrated management system and technology support services optimized to cloud to our partners and customers.