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Metanet DL provides specialized vertical solutions optimized for each industry to help customers streamline their workflow and maximize business performance. We have specialized solutions in each area, including MetaERP4U, the industry's No. 1 total administrative solution for higher education as chosen by 50 universities in Korea, as well as SOLME, an ECM solution that supports collaboration/sharing functions and high security. We help our customers create new growth engines through digital technology while delivering the solutions they need both quickly and cost-effectively.

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    Metanet DL Co., Ltd.

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    15 Jong-ro 33-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul


Ted Jeong CEO, Metanet Global, Metanet SaaS, Metanet DL, Metanet Fintech

Ted Jung oversees management support for Metanet's SaaS business and also serves as CEO of Management Support for Metanet Global.

Before joining Metanet Digital as CEO of Management Support in 2019, he worked as COO and CFO of IBM Korea.

As a holder of bachelor's degree in economics earned from Sogang University, he is an expert in finance and support with 24 years of experiences.

Leading Metanet Group's IT solutions and SaaS business since 2021.