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Since its inception in 2003, the IGM Global Management Institute has earned its stripes as the country's pinnacle of premium education, catalyzing the success trajectories of over 200,000 business magnates, executives, and leaders. Embodying the ethos of 'The Most Advanced Premium Learning Platform,' IGM's mission extends beyond borders, aiming to illuminate minds by researching and propagating cutting-edge knowledge.

Collaborating with a consortium of in-house and external experts, we present a holistic learning ecosystem anchored in pioneering insights and hands-on experiences. ​

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    IGM (Institute of Global Management)

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    11-16, Jangchungdan-ro 8-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

What We Offer

Every day, IGM relentlessly pushes its boundaries to pursue more impactful education.

Custom Corporate Training

  • Provides tiered education tailored to company requests, including managers, executives, team leaders, and core talents
  • Offers programs for negotiation skills enhancement, strategy/business models, and HR/organizational culture
  • Produces and refines over 200 high-quality, high-density content pieces and provides custom lectures
  • Identifies improvement points through leadership/capability assessment and debriefing
  • Offers personalized leadership development through one-on-one coaching for CEOs

Digital Talent School

  • Design digital training to quickly learn and incorporate the latest digital trends and core DT skills
  • Provide a variety of digital technology trainings that can successfully incorporate the DT promotion tasks (AI, big data, cloud, no-code)

Public Training

  • Provides online education (IGM Virtual Live Class) that allows real-time access to IGM premium content from any location
  • Offers tailored programs for CEOs such as top-level management, successor management, IGM trend breakfast sessions, top-level negotiation, and digital innovation
  • Provides 'Premium Rank Education' suitable for all positions, from employees to executives
  • Offers over 2,000 pieces of content through the micro-learning platform 'Bizcuit’