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Services of Leading Modern-work Experience

SOLME is a solution for corporate document security, collaboration, and sharing that has become more vital in the contactless era. With SOLME, you can centrally manage in-house documents that are dispersed in personal computers, file servers, and cloud for improved security. You can also searching for data you need more conveniently and collaborate easily. SOLME provides an assortment of services such as enterprise, appliance, Modern Work, backup, and archiving. SOLME Modern-work solution offers a perfect Microsoft 365 Modern Workplace through an integrated security system across all areas, including the enterprise document management process, change management, document creation, distribution, and usage.

Value Proposition

We consult according to the changes in the business environment and take responsibility for shifting perceptions of employees and new ways of working.
You can work in the same environment as your PC and use interfaces that is convenient to you by device.
We encrypt documents so they are protected from ransomware.
We are the only centralized document management solution provider in Korea fully integrated with Microsoft 365.
You can apply our offerings flexibly to companies of all sizes with 100 employees to over 30,000 employees.
We are a company specialized in consulting safe centralized document strategies that you can count on.


Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, Hyusung, SL Corporation, SAMOO Architects & Engineers, Yura, Jinyang, Jinhap, and OSG Korea