Product & Platform



An integrated administrative solution for higher education

MetaERP4U is an integrated administrative solution for higher education that tops the ranking for college administrative solutions. It employs Metanet Digital’s finest technology and vast experience in establishing next-generation systems for over 50 universities in Korea. With MetaERP4U, you can deploy general administrative systems (HR, wages, budget, accounting, purchase, goods, facilities, and school development fund management), academic administration system (college register, registration, scholarship, classes, grades, academic profession, certification, graduation, and student management), common platforms (code management, platform and menu management, authority management and business approval) fast and at reasonable price. MetaERP4U is the optimal solution that helps you respond to the rapidly changing educational landscape.

Value Proposition

A market-leading solution backed by extensive experience and know-How
  • MetaERP4U has topped the list of comprehensive administrative systems for higher education with a wealth of experience and know-how fin deploying the system in over 50 universities for the past 20 years.
Can use diverse references and expand technology based on standard web (HTML5)
  • On the technological front, MetaERP4U can be applied not just on Windows OS, but also on Mac OS, as long as the user is working under a browser setting that complies with web standards. It can also be accessed from many types of mobile devices as it is developed using HTML 5 standard web technology, while in the past it used legacy development tools like client/server tools and X-Internet/RIA tools.
Faster building and deployment speed
  • MetaERP4U separated the front-end and the back-end for a clearer development flow and has a simple source structure that enables it to build and deploy the system fast.
A scalable cloud platform
  • MetaERP4U has various work services in containers, allowing for more flexible, stable development and operation of cloud applications.


The next generation of Seoul National University, Yonsei University Academic System (currently being built), the next generation of Hanyang University, the next generation of Hanyang Cyber University, next generation of Hanyang Women’s University, the next generation of Kyung Hee University, the next generation of Kukmin University, Keimyung University EDWARD system, the next generation of Incheon University, the next generation of Tech University of Korea, and the next generation of Korea Polytechnic University, etc.