Modern Work

Metanet Global provides differentiated innovation services that fundamentally innovate the way of doing work using digital technology in various business domains such as manufacturing, logistics, finance, food, etc., and improve the productivity and business impact of individuals and organizations.

Digital technology to facilitate modern work routines

Sharing information among employees and improving the speed of decision-making by using digital collaboration solutions

Developing micro-apps (mobile/app) driven by work-site operations and innovating in-house work using the low-code platform

Automating repetitive tasks and improving work productivity through robotic process automation

Decision-making based on data using cognitive/AI technology, and speeding up business processing

Service Offerings

  • Consulting about business innovation and change management based on digital
  • Building a digital toolchain based on the low-code platform
  • Productivity innovation education service driven by work-site operations



Microsoft Office 365 / Teams

As a leading international cloud-based collaboration and office solution, Microsoft Office 365/Teams enables employees to perform work on any device anytime, anywhere.

Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform supports work-site operations in innovating business productivity by themselves using low-code based BI, mobile app, RPA, and chatbot, in addition to O365-Teams.

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services expands the business area by utilizing the best AI/ML, OCR, and voice engine.