A chatbot is a digital service that automatically answers customer requirement needs by chat.
Technology related to the call center is composed of voice recognition, conversation processing, and voice synthesis. The chatbot belongs to conversation processing technology among them, and acts like a brain and performs “conversation automation” according to the user intention analysis result.
​As enterprises can replace general counseling areas with the chatbot service, except specialized counseling areas, among the call center and telemarketer business of each enterprise, enterprises can save costs and switch to the system that supports the 24x7 service. As a result, many customers have already adopted and plan to adopt. Metanet Mplatform, the largest contact center outsourcing company in Korea, provides a chatbot middleware platform so that customers can select their preferred engine among MS Luis, IBM Watson, and Google when developing and operating a chatbot optimized for them.

Service Offerings

  • Chatbot middleware provision service
  • Chatbot conversation scenario design and development service
  • Legacy system and chat counseling linking service
  • ​​
  • Time series/Indicator statistics service​


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