The use and necessity of blockchain are increasing in various industries as distributed data processing technology. All users participating in a transaction distribute and store the data related to transaction details, making the guarantee of transaction safety or reliability light and stable in terms of technology. As all users participating in a transaction has the transaction details, it is also called a public ledger or a distributed ledger. The advantages and utility of blockchain that don’t require the distributed storage and centralized management of transaction details will create new value throughout the industry.

Metanet is utilizing blockchain technology in various fields as application technology for digital transformation.

Service Offerings

  • Digital verification : The existing verification mechanism can be strengthened or supplemented based on blockchain. Using blockchain technology to replace or supplement public certificate based verification.
  • Digital community currency : A method of providing support by creating a community currency platform based on existing commercial blockchain services such as hyperledger.
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  • IoT/SCM : Using blockchain as an alternative that can supplement the reliability issue of the information that can be received from IoT devices. A method of providing transparency and integrity to information.​
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  • Other forgery and alteration prevention : Blockchain and timestamp can be used to supplement the existing forgery and alteration prevention mechanism for the task that forgery and alteration prevention is essential such as lottery tickets.​