Meta Payroll Outsourcing Solution​

Companies are making payments and applying deduction criteria in various ways. Meta Payroll is a payroll outsourcing solution that reflects payment and deduction criteria in a systematic system.

Key features

A solution that responds to the growth and change of customer business

Metanet Global has the technology and infrastructure that can efficiently respond to customer’s business expansion and changes. Even though new ERP is built or new HCM is introduced, Metanet Global can support a seamless interface between existing and new systems by leveraging its own experience and method.

Convenient modular solution

The existing HR system has a failure risk due to an expensive development cost and long development period.
Meta Payroll is a cloud-based simple system that enables users to select and build desired modules only (payroll, welfare, e-service, office attendance, etc.)

Robust personal information protection and security policy

Information security is most important for HR information, as it contains very sensitive personal information.
Meta Payroll is protected by the management system of ISO27001 & 27018, and the ISMS (Information Security Management System) of the Korea Internet & Security Agency and maintains a reliable information protection system by introducing strong security policies and solutions.


Pulmuone, Orion, Coupang, SK Chemicals, Hancom (Hangul and Computer), Kakao Enterprise, Costco (Korea), Richmont, SECO Group, Wonik IPS, Ridi Books, SM Entertainment, Novelis (Korea), Mercer (Korea), Hana INS (IT company of Hana Financial Group), and more than 100 companies.