As customer business is greatly affected by IT technology and system, many customers are concerned about securing the necessary computing power of the IT system and realizing digital transformation faster.
Metanet provides customers with more flexibly scalable infrastructure, and consulting services to maximize architecture configuration and investment ROI, as well as the service for TCO reduction by redistributing resources at hand and managing those resources in time. The demand for flexible infrastructure resource utilization is increasing due to the recent spread of cloud technologies and services. Metanet can support optimal cloud adoption based on our specialized infrastructure service capabilities.

Service Offerings

Private, Public, Hybrid Cloud infrastructure consulting

Metanet’s IT experts, who have been building up their experience in various fields, provide the best IT infrastructure (private, public, hybrid cloud, on-premise) consulting service.

Infrastructure integration

Metanet provides the best infrastructure integration service that fits for the customer business environment in various fields.
Metanet provides total infrastructure services that can satisfy customer needs with optimal IT for the creation of the private and public cloud environment.

Infrastructure operation management

Customer issues are managed quickly and responsibly by outstanding experts having the experience in operating the infrastructure in various environments such as the public sector, SOC, finance, and manufacturing.