Industrial Digitization (Industry X.0)

As an extension of the Industrial Revolutions 3.0 and 4.0, “Industry x.0” is the digitalization approach of the sustainable manufacturing industry. Its main topic is how enterprises will re-invent their core business by applying digital technology.
Enterprises need to take an approach of reconfiguring an ecosystem, business model, and workforce by focusing on experience and outcome, based on the principle of the wise pivot, in order to create a different level of experience and efficiency by breaking the traditional way of doing business for each value chain and productivity.
Metanet supports the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry needed by enterprises, by applying three industry X.0 core competence (Product x.0, Engineering x.0, and Production & Operation x.0), based on the Digital Service Factory model.

    Service offerings

  • Product Reinvention
  • Engineering Reinvention
  • Production & Operations Reinvention
  • Applied Intelligence for industrial