Operation Strategy

Helping customers in improving their capabilities of implementing the strategy by understanding the key problem of the customer from the aspect of enterprise management innovation and proposing the best alternative to solve the problem. A team is organized with operation strategy experts composed of experts in a specific area (e.g., marketing, production, logistics, sales, etc.).
The team identifies what is the urgent management innovation issue of the company and what is an optimal solution to solve the problem using a structured methodology, along with the customer.

Finance & Risk Management

Providing FEA (Finance Enterprise Applications) that supports the selection, design, and development of financial solutions, and the BRM(Business Risk Management) service that manages risks and compliance.

Supply Chain Management

Diagnosing the management issue and problem of the entire supply chain from a macro perspective - from the sales, purchase, logistics, production, and R&D area of the enterprise to partnership with the supplier; and optimizing the value chain; and supporting the establishment of the research, production, sales, and logistics network strategy to manage the supply chain aligned with the strategic direction of the company and the establishment of a mid-to-long term change strategy from the aspect of the process, organization, and IT, to support the procurement, production, and sales system of raw materials, products, and commodities.

Talent & Organization

HR and organization management consulting seeks the direction of organization, people of talent, and leadership changes that are suitable for innovation results and successful implementation; and provides services for change control, organization design, leadership and cultural innovation, HR/educational system innovation, and enterprise collaboration management.

Client Relationship Management & Marketing Services

Setting up a sales & marketing transformation strategy from the perspective of enterprise integration so that enterprise marketing and sales activities are conducted effectively with a focus on customers. In particular, Metanet Consulting has differentiated know-how in various areas, such as the sales strategy and channel management, sales rep management, sales operation optimization, marketing operation and price competitiveness, differentiated service strategy and channel integration, service delivery management, and optimization area.

IT Strategy Consulting

Providing IT strategy consulting about IT vision, model, and plan that can strongly support the direction of the business strategy aimed by the customer. For this purpose, technology application plans are prepared to secure the strategic superiority of the enterprise, and the IT innovation strategy and master plan are established, and operation efficiency is optimized by analyzing IT operation effects, and standardized process application and componentization are supported for each industry, and architectures are planned and modeled.