Consumer goods & Service

Changes in the consumer goods industry, such as fast-changing customer demands, new competitors, and threatened traditional market environment are confusing and disruptive environments for existing enterprises. The innovative environmental changes in the consumer goods/service industry require fundamental changes of the enterprises, and they can seize new opportunities only when they overcome such crises.
Now, enterprises need to adopt to changes quickly and respond to changes related to the consumer first. This means that the product, service and brand experience of the consumer goods company should be improved to satisfy various needs of the consumer in time.
Metanet supports innovation and take-off of the B2B sector such as manufacturing and distribution, as well as the retail sector such as B2C sales and promotion optimization.

Service offerings

Metanet provides the total solution of strategy establishment, diagnosis/design, construction, and operation for the following areas.

  • PI/ERP and enterprise operation optimization (based on standardization, automation and intelligence)
  • Development of the supply chain management system, consulting on logistics process improvement
  • Establishing and implementing front-end strategies, and developing systems (channel, customer, marketing, campaign management and online/O2O sales)