Resources, Energy & Chemical

Recently, the energy, resource, and chemical industry is reborn as a new type of business that is industrialized by incorporating available new technology and ICT quickly, based on existing energy technologies, besides the new energy source, in order to solve major pending issues in the industry including response to climate change, securing energy, and demand management. The big data, cloud, artificial intelligence, mobile and IoT technology is causing changes in data-based SCM and creating new added value related to products and services, which are the source of enterprise competitiveness, in the entire process (configuring the product based on consumer demands and production and supply at the smart factory) by converging new materials and industries. Metanet is seeking for a new critical mind in line with paradigm shift and supports customers to achieve business efficiency and strategic growth.

Service offerings

Metanet provides the total solution of strategy establishment, diagnosis/design, construction, and operation for the following areas.

  • Digital Plant, Digital Transformation, Digital Factory, Industry X.0, S&OP, etc.
  • Optimal factory/facility operation management, SCM innovation, strategic purchasing, business plan/management, human resources, IT management, etc.