High Tech

Digital innovation in the high-tech and electronics industry is changing the way of conceptualizing, designing, manufacturing, selling, and supporting products.
Products adopting the concept of a living product are released fast, as smart, connected, and AI-based products are emerging as a trend.
In addition, the high-tech and electronics industry is switching to a “As a service” model from an existing “Product-Sell” model earlier than other industries in terms of a business model. In this way, digital transformation is the most important turning point in the high-tech and electronics industry.
It is required to re-create existing key business and expand new business models at the same time, in order to make the most of this turning point successfully.
This means that products and services re-created by digital SCM should be provided to customers, and operation should be conducted by merging AI technology and human-machine collaboration. In addition, manufacturers can provide their experiences to hundreds and millions of customers through direct communication with consumers, not through an intermediate channel.
Metanet recreates key operation through strong partnerships it has established, and customer experiences, and enables expansion to a digital-based business model.

Service offerings

Metanet provides the total solution of strategy establishment, diagnosis/design, construction, and operation for the following areas.

  • Digital Transformation, Digital Service Factory, Connected Product Innovation, Industry X.0, New Platform Engineering
  • Semiconductor, mobile phone, consumer electronics, and software and platform industries