Risk Management System

Enables customers to cope with routine risks by measuring the financial and non-financial risks to which financial institutions are exposed. Provides an integrated risk management platform that controls risks internally by providing the indicator, which can maintain soundness in the face of crisis, and announces reliable risk indicators to the outside.

Service offerings

Provides a comprehensive risk management solution and provides services in response to the regulations of financial institutions (BASEL, K-ICS, ORSA) such as banks, securities, and insurance companies based on the largest number of references and consulting business experts in Korea. Provides end-to-end services including consulting, customization, and maintenance, based on the solution.


Risk Craft. MARKET (market risk), Risk Craft. CREDIT (credit risk),Risk Craft. OP (operational risk)

Risk Craft™ SUITE


As capital inflow and outflow becomes frequent with the opening of capital markets between countries, the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) was introduced as the need for unified accounting standard arose due to different accounting standards between countries. If the IFRS is complied, we can respond to different accounting rules of various financial institutes such as banks and insurance companies.

Service offerings

Metanet provides end-to-end services including business consulting, IT consulting, solution, and system development based on the IFRS17 focusing on the insurance company (e.g., Samsung Life Insurance) and IFRS9 references focusing on banks (e.g., Korea Development Bank).


IFRS17 Movement Solution

Big Data

Big data is a platform to handle the flow of accommodating and utilizing various structured and unstructured large-capacity data. It provides an agile business environment by processing the petabyte of data, ranging from the RDBMS for gigabyte processing to data warehousing for terabyte processing, and by processing business uses cases such as analysis based on collected big data and visualization.

Service offerings

Metanet has the references for big data platform development including Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, KB Financial Group, and DGB Financial Group. Based on those references, Metanet provides infrastructure services for IT consulting, and data analysis consulting area and platform development.

Channel system

Metanet provides business agility for face-to-face and non-face-to-face channels by incorporating digital transformation technology into the channel system, which becomes an essential element for survival, instead of the differentiated marketing and customer service in the financial sector.

Service offerings

Metanet provides end-to-end services, ranging from digital transformation consulting to IT consulting and development. Metanet provides a differentiated channel service that is a step ahead, based on experience in conducting many digital transformation consulting services in the financial sector such as banks, insurance, securities, and credit card companies, as well as overseas experiences.

System based on digital transformation

Metanet provides finance IT services using artificial intelligence and cloud, which are the foundation technologies of the “4th Industrial Revolution” characterized by hyper-connectivity, automation, and intelligence.

Service offerings

  • Artificial intelligence: Seeks for the way of using artificial intelligence in the financial business such as banks, credit card, securities, insurance companies, etc., and helps the application of optimal solutions such as the BMT and PoC. Creates a reference that can lead the industry with fast and successful implementation.
  • Cloud: Provides end-to-end services, ranging from the direction setting of cloud introduction by the financial institute to the definition of detailed services and target models such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, setting the implementation task, and support for solution selection.

EOS(End of Service) & UTL(Unix to Linux) Infra

Reviews the Unix-based legacy and banking architecture that was developed by domestic financial companies, and helps business flexibility and cost efficiency such as gradual migration to the X86/Linux-based platform and introduction of open source software.

Service offerings

Metanet has many project references, including the establishment of the IT technology strategy system for Hyundai Credit Card/Capital/Commerce and x86/Linux-based benchmarking consulting for Kookmin Credit Card, and provides end-to-end services including IT consulting, solution, and system development.