Industrial Equipment & Machinery

The industrial equipment and machinery industry have achieve sustained growth by improving and optimizing traditional products in the existing market environment. With the arrival of the age of digital innovation era, the opportunity of creating a new market arises together with the risk.
Enterprises need to realize a significant change from existing product and business model to smart connected products, services, and solutions to seize this opportunity. For example, the machine equipped with sensors will become increasingly autonomous on the strength of decision-making software, and smart products that utilizes this change will provide digital intelligence.
Metanet is contributing to customer innovation and achievement of profitable growth by making full use of various service experiences in leading domestic companies, leadership in the digital era, experience in developing the latest solution, and network with Global Accenture.

Service offerings

Metanet provides the total solution of strategy establishment, diagnosis/design, construction, and operation for the following areas.

  • PI/ISP, Master Plan, ERP/SI, S&OP, Digital Transformation, Smart Factory, Cloud (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), IT Outsourcing, etc.
  • Design/Engineering, customer/dealer management, SCM innovation, strategic purchasing, business plan/management, human resources, IT management, etc.